VB6 is Visual Basic 6

- A brain with common sence
- Visual Basic 6 (search in Google) or Visual Basic Portable(search in Google)
- Sothink SWF Decompiler
Variable scanners
- FlashGameMaster
- Variable Explorer
note, i did not make either of those variable scanners

Step 1
- Now open your Internet Explorer(could be any explorer as long as it can play flash games)
- On the game's website, right click on the page and click "View Source"

Step 2
- When the new box comes up, press "Control + F" and type in ".swf"
- Copy the .SWF of the game

Step 3
- Open Visual Basic 6.0
- After that there will popup a Window named "New Project" Choose "Standard EXE"

Step 4
- Press "Ctrl+T" to open up Components box
- Search for "Shockwave Flash" mark it and press "Ok"

Step 5
- Now you have a Shockwave Component in your toolbox. (which looks like a paper)
- Click on it and drag it over to your Form 1

Step 6
- On that right "Propertie" window scroll down until you see "Movie"
- Paste the .SWF link of the game into "Movie" and press "Enter"
- You should see the game started to play

Step 7
There is two ways of getting the "Variables"

Variable Scanner (Recommend: Flash Game Master)

- Open up the variable scanner and load up the game
- File > Open URL > Paste your .SWF game link
- File > Open File > Selet a SWF file

- To get SWF file. Open your Browser, paste the URL .SWF game link into the url bar and press "Enter"
- Go to file on your Browser > Save Page As> Save it on where ever you like

- To search for variables Type in a value, or just press search with the bar empty

Sothink SWF Decompiler
- Open your Sothink SWF Decompiler
- In "Explorer" Window click on the Location where you saved your SWF file
- Click on the SWF file
- After the movie loaded look for your Action Folder on right menu and press the "+" sign next to it
- Click on "Main Movie"
- At the top go to "Action Scrip" Tab you should see a search function
- Search for a variable you want (e.g kill)

Step 8

- Once you found the variables you want
- Go back to Visual Basic 6
- Set a "Command Button" by clicking a rectangle stuff on left and drag it on your Form1 where the spot is

Step 9
- Double click the command button to add code to change the variables
- Type in a code in this way:
Code: Select all
Call ShockwaveFlash1.Setvariable("_root.variable", value)

- Example if the variable is kills it would be:
Code: Select all
Call ShockwaveFlash1.Setvariable("_root.kills", 99999)


- Now try testing it out. Press F5. Click on your button and see if the variable changes

Step 10
- To change the name of your button, click on it once and in the properties window to the right, where it says caption, change "Command1" to whatever you want

- To change the name of the form, click on the Form 1 and in the properties window to the right, where it says caption, change "Form1" to whatever you want

Step 11
- Continue to make buttons and add codes until you are finished.
- After you have done go to "File" > "Make Project1.exe..."

- Save your EXE to where ever you want

How to make the trainer into a .RAR file
- Go to the location where you save your trainer, right click on it, then click "Add "Your trainer name.rar"

- Now you should see there are new file appeared which is .RAR file

Congratulation you have just made your FIRST trainer! ;)

Flash Game Master
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